SCP:FS Devlog #16 – Events and a lot of code

SCP-1048-A in cartoonish style. Cartoon character for devlog SCP:FS.


Hello SCP-lovers!
Last week we went to an event and won some prizes for our SCP-game. Tysm!! 🙂

What progress has been made on the SCP Game?

Build system – Max

Generally, when it comes to the build-system, I have continued the process of reworking everything. In the previous devlog, I wrote about reworking structure collisions, structure dependency and the preview-system. Since then, I’ve been working on incorporating these changes.

You can now place structures again.
Structures of different sizes and different snapping preferences can be placed on different grid-layers, checks for collisions on said grid-layer and checks for eventual structure dependencies. The placement of a structure will either be determined to be valid or invalid based on collisions and dependencies. If a placement is invalid, the preview-system will then display the placement in a red color (which is easily changed to any other color).

You can now place multiple structures again.
In our game, to make placing multiple structures at the same time less tedious, we decided to give the player the ability to press and drag which will then fill an entire area with structures. Previously, this area would originate from the cell with you initially pressed but now, with new snapping-preference-system, the selection will originate from the initial structure placement. The preview-system for area-placements has been completely reworked to allow for better performance.

You can now demolish structures again.
The system for demolishing structures works pretty much identically as it did before with the exception that the preview-system has been completely reworked. The new demolish-preview-system uses a more generic ‘highlight’ function and works for both single-demolish and area-demolish.

UI Updates – Isak

Main menu
A big change for these two weeks have been the main menu, as many of the systems designed orbit around adding this screen. Designwise – it draws a lot of inspiration from SCP: Containment Breach’s UI style and right now it houses the abilities to:

  • Play the game – The player can create up to 3 playable saveslots and (internally) it can do an infinite amount but it requires a change to the UI. If you guys want more saveslots we can always try and work it in but three will do for now.
  • Settings – These are the same settings that I devloped in the previous devlog: graphics, audio, accesability, etc.
  • Quit game – Quits to the desktop instantly.

Age verifcation
When you boot up the game for the first time the game asks you to confirm you are above age. The text and image elements of the screen fade in one by one as seen in the GIF. I decided to make this system scalable so it can be used in other parts of the game like the loading screen. You will only see this screen once (after you have accepted the conditions).

Saving icon
I added a little overlay screen that appears anytime you save in-game.

SCP Brief Re-Design
I decided to give the SCP “stat-viewing” a makeover. We knew we wanted something that feels more accurate to what you’d see in the real world when you get a briefing document for an SCP (except the real-times statistics of course). It seemed logical to have a clipboard. As I was working with the design I realised that the amount of information was getting to big for one page so I created multiple sub-menus instead. For players that don’t know all the numbers by heart I added the ability for an SCP to have a “nickname” and a shorter description. And I also gave the menus an ability to generate “rainbow” buttons based on the amount of sub-menus.

Other improvements & smaller changes

  • All workers, D-Class and SCPs now have their position stored in the entity savefile.
  • The font the SCP: Foundation logo uses is the “Bauhaus font”. Now it finally makes an appearance in-game.
  • Changed all input system events to Unity Events.
  • Fixed a bug where the global save was sometimes null on first launch.
  • Input bug fixed when loading between scenes.
  • You can now access the main menu using the pause menu.
  • Fixed a bug with the UI Manager closing menus on start.
  • Fixed bug with UI scrolling.
  • Fixed bug with tab menus not working.
  • Fixed bug with entity stat viewing / interacting.
  • Changed the save game button to appear above the settings button.
  • Added version text in main menu.
  • Added save slots + last edited date + remove save option.
  • Made a wobbly shader for the SCP-icon in the main menu.
  • Moved SCP briefing to the right.
  • Fixed default video settings.
  • Fixed bug with 4x speed.
  • Fixed some bugs with the structure snapping.

What have you done this week?


I have focused a lot on the events and company presentation. Also posted some things on Reddit.


I had to rewrite the input system multiple times since it never wanted to work with the scene loader. Pain! :)))


i work rework 👍

What is happening the next weeks?

The coming weeks we’ll be working on production.

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