SCP:FS Devlog #12 – Wishlist now on Steam!

SCP 294 in cartoonish style. Cartoon character for devlog SCP:FS.


Hello SCP-Lovers!

In the previous devlog we added some cursor icons, more debug features and improvements to the build system.

We released a teaser and the Steam page is now online! Thank you so much for the support and excitement you all have shown over the past weeks, it has been huge. And a big thanks to our latest Patreon member: Blobfish_. 🎉

What progress has been made on the SCP Game?


  • Added 5 different floor types.
  • Added the long anticipated toilet texture.
  • Updated the human models UV.
  • Updated triplanar shader.
  • Reworked the grid texture to have less “dotted” lines.
  • Added foundation texture.
  • Added two wall-types: default and with window. (This will need re-working as we make the wall system code)
Toilet, low poly, with texture. Featured in SCP: Foundation Simulator.


  • Camera can now rotate on both its x- & y-axis.
  • Cleaned up camera code.
  • Added smoothing when transitioning between floors.

What have you done this week?


Planning the coming events and social media updates later on and keeping up with our economical parts


I updated the look of our website in preperation for some events.


I was sick the entire week. Whoe is me because I am a silly silly little boy.

What is happening next week?

Next week we are working on the game and planning for future events.

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