SCP:FS Devlog #02 – Conducting Research

SCP 999 being poked at by three humans


Production-phase continues for SCP: Foundation Simulator.
During these previous days we have done a lot of administrative paper work for the company and for the game. This included the survey we sneakily posted in the Discord chat and we want to thank everyone who has answered that survey since it helped us out a lot! We are working hard to make this process as optimized as possible. In the coming weeks we will being looking intro Patreon.

If you want to read up on our previous devlog for SCP: Foundation Simulator you can read that devlog here!

What progress has been made on the SCP game?

  • Added buttons for controlling timespeed
  • Upgraded the scalable UI menu-system and input-system to allow for navigation using keyboard arrows or a controller.
    • The UI-system assures that there will be no more than 1 “head-menu” open at a time
    • The UI-system automatically finds all head-menus
    • The UI-system automatically adds “tab navigation support” for all head-menus with sub-menus
    • Generic menu with content
    • Each generic menu can have “sub-menus”
    • A generic menu can automatically find their sub-menus is hierarchy
    • A generic menu can automatically find all menus above it in hierarchy (“parent-menus”)
    • Each generic menu with sub-menus automatically get a “tab-group”
    • The tab-group automatically creates tabs which allows you to flip between sub-menus
  • Added player economy system and basic icons.
  • Added player level system (xp + levels).
  • Added ability to add new SCPs and SCP experiment logs in the Unity editor. When configuring new SCPs you can also open its wiki-page using a button at the bottom which is very handy. For example if I’m working on 173 it will open its url in the Unity editor.
  • When creating a new SCP you now have the ability to:
    • Set number
    • Set classification
    • Set description & origin
    • Set if its small enough for smaller containment such as tiny glass boxes
    • Statistics for “needs” and “rage”, and what its strenghts are
    • Index- & experiment image
    • What text- & audio documents are connected to it

What have you done this week?

During weeks 38-40, I personally worked on paperwork for our company, which basically means I’ve been doodling stick figures on our market research, budget, and bank details while ordering a pay-per-view card for future purchases – in other words, it’s been an epic saga of planning and doodling. – Leonk

I’ve created SCPs, you’re welcome. – Lil kasi

This week I have worked on a navigation system for the UI menus which allows the player to browse between menus with mouse & keyboard or a controller. In the future I will program a building system which allows the player to place objects and structures in the game. – Maximum

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