SCP:FS Devlog #04 – Losing sanity

SCP 049 dramatically touches someone


In the latest update of SCP: Foundation Simulator…

We ve made significant improvements – including the ability to view different floors, various profession, and enhancing the overall interface with more icons. Keep a close eye on your workers’ sanity, as low levels may lead to them quitting. The building system has taken shape with features like placing, rotating, and undoing structures, providing more flexibility in designing your facility. The worker management system is now more intuitive with a menu button and counters for each proffesion. On another note, we also added notifications for events and tinkered with the camera system.

If you want to read up on our previous devlog for SCP: Foundation Simulator “Business (& business!)” where we talk about more about the UI system, the SCP-database, and the foundations for proffesions. You can read that devlog here!

What progress has been made on the SCP Game?

  • Added ability to view different floors
  • Added proffesion objects (Builder, DClass, Researcher, etc).
  • Added more icons
  • Added visualization for what floor you are on
  • Improved the worker manager.
    • You can now fire workers.
    • Workers quit if the sanity is too low.
    • Added menu button.
    • Button has a counter based on amount of workers in proffesion.
  • Added notifications for some time based events and worker events
  • You can now place structures.
  • You can now rotate structures.
  • You can now place multiple structures at the same time.
  • Improved feedback when placing multiple structures at the same time.
  • You can now ‘undo’ previous placements.
  • Did some changes to how the camera works.
  • Added a button to which can open menus.
  • Added a “bar” system.

What have you done this week?

I made funny looking excel stuff sheets. And I also ate tacos. – L

I lost my sanity. – I

This week, I’ve mainly been working on redefining the build system. – M

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