SCP:FS Devlog #06 – Building, Saving & more

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Hello SCP fans,

As you might have noticed- there was no devlog for last week. This is because we took a little break and to make up for it we have a bit more to write about this time. To summarize the progress we made: more UI-improvements, re-work of the building system, bug-fixes, save-systems, worker names, highlighting objects, camera tracking. The PR-materials have also arrived to the office that we are eager to share with you.

If you want to read up on the previous devlog for SCP: Foundation Simulator “How to build your top secret facility.” where we talk about grants, building, and ███’s you can read that devlog here!

What progress has been made on the SCP Game?

  • UI
    • Did some changes to how the UI-navigation works.
    • Made it a lot easier customize the look of UI-menus.
    • Made the build-UI a lot more scalable.
    • Made it easier to add scrollbars in the UI.
    • Made it easier to customize scrollbars.
  • Building
    • Started completely reworking the build-manager to improve scalability.
    • The build-manager no longer interferes with the build-system other than toggling it on/off.
    • The build-manager no longer controls the ‘preview-system’ which allows you to more easily see where you are placing structures.
    • The build-system now has complete control over the preview-system.
    • The preview-system can now display multiple structure-previews at the same time.
    • Added new logic for area selection which improves scalability.
  • Camera
    • Fixed bug where trying to zoom while on UI would mess up the calculations.
    • Added the ability to follow objects & entities until you move the camera.
  • Economy
    • You can now save and load your balance.
    • Added an “animation” when you gain money.
    • Added a slight color flashing animation when you gain money. (Green for positive, red for negative)
    • Added cash rewards for leveling up.
    • Added debug button for “motherload”.
  • Grants
    • You can now save and load grants and it will remember if you have finished them.
    • Split the script into two chunks. One for active missions and one for selecting new grants.
  • Leveling Manager
    • You can now save and load your XP & levels.
    • Added a debug button for for instantly leveling up.
  • Time Manager
    • You can now save and load the time you’ve spent in-game.
  • Workers
    • You can now save and load all the workers (health, names, stationed room) you’ve hired.
    • Workers can now have a first name & a last name.
    • Added different colors to see what profession they belong to.
    • Added batch updating for workers where it updates a set amount every frame.
    • Workers now each have a MonoBehaviour attached that will store their data. (Easier for highlighting purposes.)
    • Added a stat-viewer for workers.
      • You can now click on workers to follow them.
      • You can now click on workers to see their full names, professions, health, and what room they are stationed at.
  • Highlight Manager
    • Added ability to highlight single-target entities or objects.
    • Highlighting and object adds a small pillar on-top of them that tracks them.
  • Save Manager
    • Re-imported & re-made the previous save code used in prototypes of SCP:FS.
    • You can now store your save into different save files.
    • Each save file has a different folder for easier separation.
    • Added ability to encrypt save files.
    • Added a debug button for saving and loading and a dropdown for choosing what save-slot you want to save to.

What have you done this week?

I have worked on some planning for cinematics/videos for SCP:FS aswell as some designing for booths and exhibition events. I have also spent some time to practice my modelling skills on my free time 🙂 – Leopod

Improved everything worker-related along with the highlight and save system. – Ajsseyk

🤔 – Maxtherus

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