SCP:FS Devlog #08 – Volunteering at Arctic Game Dev Umeå!

SCP-500 being force fed. Cartoon drawing.


Hello peeps!

As mentioned in the last devlog– we went on a business conference this week so all of our usual development time has been spent on our trip in Umeå (from Wednesday to Friday). To make a long story short- it was an amazing time (as always) and we are grateful to have gotten to work alongside every volunteer, speaker, visitor and partner attending. It was a blast and maybe we will pitch our game “SCP Foundation Simulator” next time! 😉

There were a ton of informative talks on the games industry that were at this event but also an entire day dedicated to the pitching and we got to see the feedback an investor has first hand. We learned how we can help eachother grow and a lot more valueable information that we will take with us on our teams journey.

Henrik Johnsson gives a speech on the game industry growing up.
“Fun flipper game we found.”
Very tasty food.

What progress has been made on the SCP Game?

  • SCPs can now be transferred to your facility.
  • SCPs can now damage workers.
  • SCPs can now have models.
  • Gave an SCP basic AI to chase workers.
  • Workers stats now update when you have it open. (Not only on-click).
  • Containment breach has a little bit more functionality.
  • Added a goo-shader.

What have you done this week?


This week I made a lot of new connections. I am looking forward to putting this new and updated knowledge to use.


I made some progress on the SCP game before heading off to Umeå. When I got there I talked to a lot of nice people. 🙂


I networked with people, helped out with volunteering, and enjoyed a lot of good food.

What is happening next week?

Next week we are going to be working on the game and the tiny surprise.

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