SCP:FS Devlog #09 – SCPs are on the way!

SCP-1025 being opened. Confused. Cartoon drawing.


Hello SCP-Lovers!

In the previous devlog we said “Next week we are going to be working on the game and the tiny surprise”, so we got to work.

Now you can peek into SCPs statistics and get intel on their behavior. Watch as workers flee in terror from two new SCPs, and increased complexity in the workers AI. Certain professions even use their brawn to avoid death. The build system now allows for multi-placing and makes building your top secret facility a lot easier! Behind the scenes Leo is deep into a journey of game publishing wisdom, while Isak & Max continues pushing the gameplay forward despite pure insanity.

You might also notice a new page on the website. Check that out after reading!

What progress has been made on the SCP Game?


  • Added ability to view SCPs statistics.
  • Added basic AI for SCP-106 & SCP-173.
  • SCP-173 now gets stopped when being looked at by a worker.
  • Added goo-puddles for SCP-106.
  • SCP now get stored in save files.
  • SCPs get cleared on load.
  • Added temporary 3D models for SCP-173 & SCP-106.


  • Workers can now be slowed by SCP-106s puddles.
  • Workers can now run away from SCPs they deem a threat.
  • Workers with greater knowledge on SCPs can now use that advantage to stare at SCP-173 and walk away from it.


  • Added icons for experimentation & SCP-UI
  • Added a tileable image for UI slider fills (inspired by SCP: Containment breach)
UI sliders for SCP: Foundation Simulator.
UI sliders for SCP: Foundation Simulator.

Build System

  • (Hopefully) done iterating on the build-system.
  • While placing a structure, the structure now originates from its bottom-left corner.
Grid. Selected area. SCP: Foundation Simulator.
  • While placing a structure, the structure now originates from its bottom-left corner.
  • You can now multi-place structures either by holding shift while placing or if the structure has multi-place as its default placement-method.
  • While multi-placing structures, all structures now originates from the selection origin (the place where you first clicked).
  • While multi-placing, you now get a preview of:
    • The area that you have selected.
    • The position and rotation of each structure that will be placed.
  • You can no longer place structures on top of each other (again).
  • Structures can now be placed on different grids.
  • Different grids may now require other grids to already have a structure in a specified cell (point, coordinate, whatever you would like to call it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). (This will mostly be used to ensure that other structures, let’s say a desk, has a supporting foundation underneath).

What have you done this week?


I have researched and documented some specifics about publishing games, our visions and plans for the company, economy, competitors, price evaluation and Patreon. 😉


The codebase is getting kind of big. Currently battling the complex worker-, and SCP ecosystem at the same time.


Slowly loosing my sanity but the game is making good progress and we are working hard to make sure that you’ll actually get it some day 😀

What is happening next week?

“Next week I’ll start implementing a way for the player to demolish structures that they’ve placed.” – Max

Nothing is planned for next week except for continued development.

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