SCP:FS Devlog #10 – New SCP, demolishing & textures

SCP-714 being put on doodle. Cartoon drawing.


Hello SCP-Lovers!

In the previous devlog we said that we wanted to continue development, so that’s what we did. We also decided to fill this devlog with some more visual eye-candy to explain concepts.

What progress has been made on the SCP Game?


  • SCPs can now wander around.
  • Containment breach now activate when SCPs reaches full “threat/rage”
  • SCPs now have more generalised functions that can be accessed by all of them. For example: Wandering, goo/corrosion spawning, etc.
  • Updated AI for SCP-106 and SCP-173.
  • Fixed a ton of bugs when saving and loading SCPs.
  • Added back the old SCP-173 model from earlier prototypes and its texture.
  • Added SCP-999 (temporary art & AI).
  • Gave SCP-999 the ability to heal. (Feeling cute, might remove later).
  • Added SCP-999 slime trail.
  • Fixed a bug where goo does not disapear before being removed.


  • Gave the worker “cards” an overhaul. (Workers have TEMPORARY-models)
  • Fixed a lot of bugs regarding worker names.
  • You can now fire workers.
  • Added a failure-risk to SCP-173’s counter “stare ability”. (Basically workers blinking.)
  • Fixed speed bug.
  • Fixed loading bugs. (You should be able to spam the load button without everything crashing now).


  • Notifications now have a typewriter effect.
  • Added/improved notifications for: Placing structures, demolishing structures, entering buildmode, exiting buildmode, workers dying, workers being injured, starting a new game, quiting the game, loading the game, saving the game, workers getting injured, workers dying, and changing speed.
  • All buttons and dropdowns now have more feedback (highlight & pressing sprites).
  • Added destruction icon.
  • Added tweening animation for SCP statistic-sliders.
  • Worker statistics are now tracked to the top of their head.
  • Added UI Toggle prefab.

Build System

  • Completely reworked how the game handles structures needing ‘supporting structures’ (meaning for example that you cannot place a desk if there is no supporting foundation underneath).

    Previously supporting structures were limited to only be foundations but now, any structure can be a supporting structure and any structure may need as many of them as they like.
  • Different structures can now have unique ‘placement-behaviours’.

    In the previous devlog, I presented how a default placement will work (both for single- and multi-placements). Structures are no longer limited to this and can now have express whatever placement- behaviours they like (this might be useful when for example, multi-placing walls so that the walls don’t have to fit the entire selection but can rather just place walls around the edges).
  • Reworked the way structures are previewed when multi-placing.

    Previously, every time you moved your mouse when multi-placing, the preview-system redrew the entire preview – this essentially meant that all preview-structures were removed and then redrawn. For the sake of performance, when multi-placing, the preview-system now checks if the amount of structures to draw changed and then either removes the ones that need to be removed and/or draw the ones that need to be drawn. Any structure that doesn’t have to be removed or drawn now stay the same.
  • Quality of life update when multi-placing.

    If the selection for your multi-placement is less than the size of your selected structure, the build-system will now automatically assume that you want to build at least one structure and will thus allow you to place structures even if they are outside of the selection.
Grid. Selected area. SCP: Foundation Simulator.
  • You can now easily switch between different build-states.

    For the time being, you can switch between four different build-states (which is easily changed in the future). These states are all pretty self-explanatory except for the ‘default state’. In the default state, you will be able to move parts of your facility around as well as copying and pasting parts of your facility. These states include:
    • A non-active state
    • A default state
    • A build state
    • A demolish state
  • Added a ‘demolish state’ for the build-system.

    You can now demolish structures. For the time being, there are two methods of doing this – you can either simply click on a structure or you can hold down shift and select an area after which all structures in that area will be removed. Removing a structure will also automatically remove all structure that depended on that structure as a ‘supporting structure’.


  • Fixed resources not being stored and loaded properly in save-file.
  • Containment breaches now counts amount of workers injured and killed during one.
  • Added toggle for UI in-game if you want to record footage or take screenshots.
  • Added events for changing playspeed, saving, and loading.
  • Gave goo-shader opacity with effects.
  • Added potential blood VFX.
  • Created texture for a tiled floor.
  • Created texture for a wall.

What have you done this week?


I continued my work from last week and started the process of putting our game on Steam.


I did everything on the game that has nothing to do with the building system. I faced a lot of unneccesary problems with tracking the workers positions and translating it to the main UI.


Now I am become death, the Destroyer of Worlds.

What is happening next week?

Our goals for next week is to work more on the games Steam page and our Patreon. (And continue with the development.)

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