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About us

Miracle Bread is an indie digital game studio focused on bringing immersive experiences to your screen. Our team believes in unique ideas, great vibes, and good times. Our internal organization is characterized by cooperation and mutual help. We actively communicate in real life and digitally through the online platform Discord. We have also been building a network of contacts over the past two years, which will be valuable in increasing our knowledge and opportunities in the gaming industry. The teams goal is to gather enough revenue to fund continued development and get recognized within the games industry. Our organization is structured to be flexible and adaptable, which will be to our advantage as we face various challenges and opportunities.

Meet the team


CEO Torsten & Co-Founder

Known to be mature and forward thinking. Leo has a versatile role to make sure the project moves forward and that we meet our goals.


Project Lead & Co-Founder

Responsible for development and has almost a decade of experience with Unity. Skilled with editing video as well as audio.



A developer with previous experience within 2D digital art, which makes him suitable for creating 3D artworks for our game projects. Also a programmer.

Our Games

We focus on creating entertaining experiences. See our current in-the-works and our plans for the future!

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