SCP:FS Devlog #18 – Break


Hello SCP-lovers!
So- we took a break and then we went to an event immediately when we got back. This devlog might be the shortest. Ever. But next week will probably be a little bigger.

What progress has been made on the SCP Game?

UI Menu System – Max

To make it simpler calculating whether or not build-mode is active, build-mode will be active when the build-UI is visible and inactive whenever it is not – very much a ‘duh’ solution. Previously, the menu-system handled opening and closing menus in a poor way – force closing all menus when opening a new menu. Therefore, with this system, changing tabs in the build-UI caused the menu to flicker between on and off which in turn would make build-mode turn on and off. To fix this I decided to simply rework the menu-system.

Build System – Isak

I started digging into some code behind the build system so the player can save- & load their facility. I added a few new features and methods that refresh the data and got everything working. I’m still encountering a bug where you can’t load twice but other then that- it works!

Smaller saving
For the build system I converted the savefile into a “smaller” format due to the sheer amount of structures that need to be saved. For context: a single structure needs to store its ID, position & rotation. So instead of the save files looking like this:

But instead it looks like this:

To break it down – the values in a new structure are as follows: “0 (ID)| -23.5 (x position) | 0 (y position) | -12.5 (z position) | 0 (rotation)“. This will make the save files significantly smaller.

Other improvements & smaller changes

  • Did some optimizations to the way the preview-system works.
  • Subtitles don’t show when a certain distance away from the player.
  • BUGFIX: Subtitles now fade out after displaying.

What have you done this week?


This week i have attended a local game industry event together with the others, I have also been kinda busy with school work :,)


I make math game. Sorry guys. 🙁


Why do it correct the first time when you can just rework it 1,000,000 times. 🤔

What is happening the next weeks?

The coming weeks we are going to extend a hand to all the shark punchers in our community. (And plan events and make game.)

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